About Boody

What we believe

We pride ourselves in the fact that our manufacturing processes are eco-certified and that our garments are made from ethically sourced, 100% organically grown bamboo. It is our desire to see the world of fashion transform and embrace practices that respect both the environment, as well as the people that live in it. And we believe that it all starts with us. By challenging consumers to change their habits and to educate themselves about ethical fashion, we hope to contribute to a cleaner and greener future!


Boody is an Australian sustainable clothing brand that makes everyday basics. Created by two families, today their children continue their work. From women's and men's essentials to activebaby and loungewear, Boody has your entire wardrobe of basics covered.

We’ve arrived at a point in time where we need to make change. There shouldn’t be an ‘eco’ category. There should only be an ‘eco’ category. But we know we’re not there yet. So, we’ll keep making everyday essentials with materials that are better for the environment than the range that came before.

And comfier, of course. We’re still Boody, after all.

Boody SA’s journey began when entrepreneurs Nick Stein, Richard Frankel & Herschel Aronstan came across the Australian-born organic clothing brand in 2014. They instantly fell in love with Boody’s skin-friendly and earth-loving qualities and were impressed with its level of quality and comfort. After not being able to find any other product like it, they were eager to share their discovery and show South Africa what organically grown bamboo fabric had to offer. This, of course, led them to launch Boody SA in 2015. Since then, the brand has been steadily expanding its reach throughout South Africa and Mauritius, and has seen impressive growth in its distribution network – the team are happy to note that the demand for fabrics that are both skin and eco-friendly is gathering momentum. And it’s thanks to them that we can now enjoy the many benefits of organic derived clothing! From silky soft socks and underwear to incredibly comfortable shirts, Boody SA has a stunning selection of everyday basics for adults and babies that are designed to make customers feel good inside and out.

We believe in a better world

We’re forever looking for ways we can improve our sustainable practices through every touch point. From materials, to manufacturing and shipping, our values are embedded into our culture and in our people.

Everything we make is certified cruelty-free and comes from ethical supply chains, so you can be confident in your choices. We believe in refining rather than reinventing the design of our clothing, creating timeless, versatile looks to be worn again and again.

Read more about our ethics and sustainability in our Code of Conduct and Impact Report, as well as our eco and ethical credentials.

Our story starts and ends with comfort