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My husband and I are real Boody fans and have considerably expanded our wardrobe of Boody wear since we first discovered it at our local pharmacy and subsequently moved to buy on-line. We have bought a range of T-shirts, leggings, socks and underwear and they remain our favourite items of clothing. The reason we like Boody so much is because of the extreme comfort of the clothes - there’s nothing like the silky feeling of the Boody fabric - plus the knowledge that they are healthy for the environment and are also anti-bacterial and breathable. As a walker/runner, I find the thick comfort of the socks are superior to any other sports sock which I’ve tried. Similarly, as a gym goer and amateur ballet exponent, I find the leggings offer comfort without the tight feeling of so many traditional sports leggings. They look good too. I would, and have recommended Boody to my friends - great product, thank you I find the on-line service excellent - the product arrives promptly and the packaging is great. I enjoy the hand-written, plantable note that arrives with the product, which makes it really special Plus I enjoy your regular specials and have I think always used those occasions to stock up my wardrobe! Keep up the good work!

Kerry Devine

My "Boody" experience has been amazing. A very good friend of mine gave me a pair of panties and since wearing them I have felt such comfort with them on and have purchased many of your other products with absolute glee.

Shirley Bedford

Boody is a good product very comfortable and good for warm and hot weather. I would recommend Boody to my friends

Kiran Bhowan

I absolutely love my boodywear. It is comfortable and in Durban’s humidity I know I am staying healthy with the natural fabric. I used to suffer with many bladder infections and haven’t had one in ages . I introduced my 20 year old son to the men’s underwear and now he will not wear anything else.

Louise Davies

I love my Boody tops and undies :)  I have purchased a few items of Boody clothing so far, a number of which have attained "favourite status" in my wardrobe! Their tops and undies are so so soft and comfy and extremely high quality. I have also experienced the customer service of this company first hand and it was excellent. Company and products both highly recommended!

Wendy Kroger

I choose Boody to live my life in a more eco-friendly way while still choosing products of good quality. The fabric is AMAZING! It is incredibly comfortable and if the products came in more colours I would probably throw out half of my wardrobe to make space for more Boody items. I have certainly noticed that the fabric is more resistant to odours and moisture.

Selma Lowne-Hughes
Vereeniging, GP

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