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Boody launches babywear range

Nick Stein and Richard Frankel, who brought the Australian eco brand, Boody, to South Africa in October 2015, have introduced a Boody babywear range and are about to launch in 10 stores in Mauritius.

Boody is made from fabric created from organically grown bamboo fibre and is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-fungal as well as ultra-absorbent. Moisture-wicking properties pull sweat away from the skin to avoid irritation, making it perfect for the hot South African climate. Bamboo is sustainable, requires no pesticides and relies only on rainwater to grow.

Consumer demand for natural textiles

Launched in a few independent health shops and six Dis-Chem stores, the brand has grown its distribution network from 17 outlets a year ago to over 100 today. The reason for this success, according to Stein and Frankel, is that, globally, consumers are shying away from synthetics and

gravitating towards natural textiles. Even though South Africa lags international trends, demand for

fabrics that are both skin and eco-friendly is gathering momentum. 

The display stand is made from recycled car parts that accommodate a full range of 286 pieces as well as a guide to health benefits and sizing and fits into just a quarter of a square metre of retail space, which makes it as ideal for small independent retailers, as it is for large chain stores. Its reduced retail space also makes it popular in health shops and airport pharmacies.

Retailers are coming round to the idea that, because bamboo clothing helps in managing conditions such as eczema and thrush, it is also a complementary product category in the healthy living/healthy environment niche market. Boody is not the only clothing containing bamboo out there, but Stein says the differentiator is its Ecocert certification, which vouches for organic, sustainable growing and ethical manufacturing processes.

New ranges are also in the pipeline. With some consumers already using Boody for low impact exercise, the logical next step has been to

launch Boody Body, a range of functional gym wear. A sleepwear range, Boody Bed, is expected to follow in 2018.

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