4 Reasons Why Boody Is Ideal For Mastectomy Patients

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Those who have undergone the intensive radiation treatment, as well as surgery, which often follows after a breast cancer diagnosis, will be familiar with the struggle to find clothing that is both flattering and nonabrasive.

Whether it’s during the radiation treatment or after the operation, mastectomy patients have to constantly battle against extreme discomfort - the act of simply putting a shirt on can be really painful!

 That’s why it’s important for breast cancer patients to find clothing with soft fibres that gently cling to the skin. And this is where Boody comes in.

Thanks to the unique properties of bamboo fibre, our clothing range is able to provide mastectomy patients with all the comfort they need, and much more than that!

Why Choose Bamboo?

  • 1) It Dries Quickly And It’s Breathable 
  • Bamboo fibre rapidly absorbs moisture, ensuring your skin remains dry and comfortable.

  • 2) It Contains Antimicrobial Properties
  • Harmful, disease-spreading microbes don’t stand a chance against the antimicrobial properties of bamboo. Test results from the Test Center of Antimicrobial Materials show that the antimicrobial activity in bamboo reached AAA grade.

  • 3) It Contains Health-Boosting Anions 
  • Chinese academics use the word ‘Air Vitamin’ to refer to bamboo fibre. This is because it contains anions (negatively charged atoms), which are very helpful for human health – anions have been known to help purify blood, improve allergic constitutions and assist with recovery.

  • 4)It’s Silky Soft
  • Bamboo fibres are exceptionally light and luxuriously soft.

    But what’s even more important than the unique health benefits that bamboo is able to offer, is the way that Boody makes you feel!

    Because Boodywear is designed to hug the body in all the right places, it works wonders when it comes to combating the loss of self-confidence that many mastectomy patients experience when confronted with their new and unfamiliar body shape.

    Whether it’s crop bras , tank tops , camiscoop tops  or T-shirts , we are proud of the fact that our clothing is able to make a positive difference (however small it may be) to the brave warriors that fight against breast cancer.

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