Bamboo: The Miracle Plant That’s Saving The Planet

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Whether it’s used in construction, cuisine, medicine, tool-making, music or clothing, bamboo has plenty to offer.
With its wide range of uses, and extremely versatile properties, it’s no surprise that many refer to it as the miracle plant.
What is surprising, however, is the fact that over centuries of use, it has attained little recognition for its extraordinary environmental benefits.
But, given the desperate state of our planet and the dire issues surrounding climate change, surely it’s high time to shine some spotlight on this eco-awesome grass species?
We certainly think it’s time to raise awareness about its environmental benefits. Don’t you? Take a look at the eco-advantages below to see how bamboo can help save the planet.

 3 Ways Bamboo Can Protect Our Planet

It Encourages Organic Agriculture

Although pesticides and insecticides help destroy harmful insects and fungi that are found on crops, they often end up polluting the surrounding environment with toxic chemicals.

Fortunately, with bamboo plantations, there is no need for pesticides and insecticides, thanks to the plant’s anti-bacterial properties.

It Helps Prevent Soil Erosion

With the increased demand for agricultural commodities, more and more forests and grasslands are being converted into farm fields.

And by planting crops, which fail to maintain the soil - such as coffee, cotton and wheat – farmers are inadvertently contributing towards soil erosion.

Certain crops, however, have the ability to prevent soil erosion. And bamboo is one of them! Its vast root network holds the soil tightly together and releases vital nutrients into the ground, thereby enriching the soil.

It Improves The Quality Of Our Air

Though most plants can convert carbon dioxide into clean, breathable oxygen, bamboo is able to do this much more effectively – the plant is able to produce 30% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees!

After reading this, we hope that you see bamboo as more than just food for pandas! The miracle plant is a solution that can help combat climate change, and by choosing bamboo products you are choosing a greener future!

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