Celebrate Easter Ethically With These 3 Fairtrade Chocolate Brands

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When it comes to buying chocolate, your brand choice can have more of an impact than you realise. It can either encourage unfair labour practices and environmental harm, or it can support sustainable production and ethical labour standards. It all depends on whether or not your chosen brand carries Fairtrade certification.

This certification ensures that the Fairtrade organisation audits cocoa farms and traders annually in order to maintain ethical procedures within the entire supply chain.

Unfortunately, only a handful of South African chocolate companies carry this certification. And of course, this means our options of ethical brands are very limited. Nonetheless, it’s important that we choose our chocolate brands with careful consideration, especially as we fill our trollies this Easter.

To help you instantly recognise companies that adhere to these ethical standards, we’ve put together a list of Fairtrade chocolate brands. Take a look at the 3 products below.

Green & Black’s


If you’re into all things organic, then you’ll appreciate this Fairtrade chocolate brand which prides itself in its high cocoa content.  

Where to buy it: Wellness Warehouse and select Pick ‘n Pay stores.

Marks & Spencer


Available in exciting flavours like Italian Orange, Butterscotch and Sicillian Sea Salt, this Fairtrade chocolate brand is sure to liven up your Easter.

Where to buy it: Woolworths

Cadbury Dairy Milk


It’s great to see big brands like Cadbury getting on board with Fairtrade principles! For now, only the Cadbury Dairy Milk range carries Fairtrade certification, but we’re expecting to see more of their products ‘stamped’ with the Fairtrade logo in future.

Where to buy it: Any store nationwide

Will you be choosing any of these Fairtrade chocolate brands this Easter? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so go ahead and leave us comment in the box below!

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