Conscious Living: What It Is & How To Live A More Conscious Life

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Conscious Living

Conscious living is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot these days. It’s in the vocabulary of all the up and coming eco brands and is casually mentioned in the blogs of all our favourite planet-friendly foodies. But what does is really mean beyond ticking all the metaphorical boxes and feeling the warm fuzzies all over?

For us, at least, what lies at the heart of conscious living is the concept of self-awareness. Having a keen understanding of one’s self is key. Moreover, an understanding of how our internal world (thoughts, feelings, knowledge ideals) effects our external world or environment is what helps us live more consciously, and this largely determines how much power we have over our behaviour.

This consciousness or awareness extends to our daily actions – whether we’re buying a loaf of bread, shopping for a new bra or choosing a new restaurant. Every one of our actions, no matter how small has a consequence and it’s important to take cognizant of this.

What this translates to for us eco-warriors, is the knowledge that choosing that reusable razor over the single use pack or practising meat-free Mondays may be a tiny drop in the ocean of change, but regardless, it is our drop that we can take proud responsibility for (quite clearly, self-awareness is poles apart from self-absorption).

So, rather than only relying on the what-not-to-buy or what-habits-to-break guide, let’s adopt a mindset of self-awareness and let this be our daily guide for conscious living. Our mindset is the most powerful agent for behavioural change – just imagine the difference we can make when we are more focused and mindful!

Being conscious is all about being true to our values and beliefs, stripping down to the bare essentials (figuratively speaking) and constantly assessing whether our current actions match who we are or who we aspire to be.

To be more eco-conscious people, we need to educate ourselves and keep up with current environmental news. We need to ask ourselves the hard questions like ‘are my clothes made ethically?’ or ‘does my food adhere to organic standards?’. But ultimately, we need to look deep within ourselves and know that conscious living is far more than just a buzzword or popular trend, and that it’s a manifestation of what we stand for!

Do you agree with our definition of conscious living? Have any advice on how to live more consciously? Share your thoughts about this blog in the comment box below – you may just start up an interesting conversation!

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