Founders Of Tree Natural Concept Speak About Healthy Living

Founders Of Tree Natural Concept Speak About Healthy Living

As lovers and supporters of healthy living and all things natural, we are HUGE fans of Durban-based company, Tree Natural Concept.
So we’re sure you can imagine our excitement when the opportunity to interview the founders of Tree Natural Concept came our way! Especially considering the two have become quite well-known in the health and wellness circles.
But before we share what Brett Roux and Dominique Howard have to say about healthy living, we thought we’d give you a little introduction…

 The Brains Behind Tree Natural Concept

Recently engaged couple, Brett Roux and Dominique Howard started Tree Natural Concept from the ground up. Their wellness concept store consists of a holistic yoga studio, and a tree café that serves healthy and delicious meals.
As big animal-lovers, they enjoy spending time in the studio with their pampered pooches, while they stretch out in the variety of classes Tree offers.


Boody: What inspired you to start up Tree Natural Concept?

Brett Roux: In 2015 we were living in Cape Town, where Yoga and Health food was taking off. During my family visits to KZN I noticed there was nothing in Durban that matched what the Western Cape had. I had, for a long time, been very passionate about fitness and nutrition and wanted to move into the industry. Drawing some inspiration form the Australian model and approach to Wellness, we conceptualised Tree. We felt Durban and the fit and healthy locals would really benefit from a concept like Tree.

Boody: Can you tell us a bit more about your new Tree Shop?

Brett Roux: Tree Shop was actually never part of the original plans but we noticed the demand for clean and healthy produce and products from our customers so we adapted. In many ways it was a natural progression for Tree to move into the retail space. Our focus is high quality, organic (where possible) locally sourced and ethical products. Our offering ranges from fresh fruit and veg, organic dairy, coconut yogurts, fresh breads, yoga merchandise, vitamins, supplements, a fully stocked nut bar, cosmetics and superfoods. It’s an exciting space to move into and the response has been fantastic.

Boody: What made you focus on Yoga as a fitness practice at Tree and who do the classes cater for?

Brett Roux: Yoga is for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old, how strong or how supple you are. We have had great grandparents next to Sharks rugby players and big wave surfers in our classes. The mental and physical benefits are immense and are well documented by scientific journals. Our instructors are truly wonderful and the teaching they offer not only changes bodies and mental states, but overall quality of life.

Boody: What is your favourite Boody product and why is it your favourite?

Brett Roux: Dominique loves the Shaper Crop Bras and V-Neck tees. I really like the Boxers and T-shirts. Their comfort levels are second to none and make wearing other clothes quite difficult. I love the sustainability of the product too.

Boody: What advice would you give to Boody fans who are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle?

Brett Roux: Start Simple. Find want makes you happy to move and go from there and build on that. Fitness has a suffering stigma attached to it, but in truth it’s supposed to be fun. Connecting with your body and using your body is a privilege. Food wise my approach is similar, healthy and delicious are actually best friends. Learn about products that don’t sacrifice flavour, nourish yourself with fresh and healthly produce and remain being a foodie while eating wholesome foods. 

Boody: What health trends have you noticed lately?

Brett Roux: I don’t like the idea of trends, I like the idea of a sustainable lifestyle. With increased access to information people are becoming more educated, hence healthy products are becoming more popular. People are starting to understand that investing in your lifestyle and diet will actually save you down the line. We love educated and informed customers who share the same passion we do for healthy and natural living. So I guess if there is one trend I have noticed it’s that health is less about how lean you are or how big your muscles are, but more about longevity, respecting your body and enjoying the ride.


After reading this, we hope you realise just how fun healthy living can be, and we hope you’re as inspired as we are to stay in shape!
If you’re interested in getting in touch with Tree Natural Concept and would like to find out more about the classes they offer and where they are based, then you can call them on

031 561 1169.

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