How to Fold Underwear

How to Fold Underwear

We’ve all been there: 15 minutes before it’s time to head out the door, and you’re still rooting around in your top dresser drawer in hot pursuit of your favourite pair of undies that have never failed you on a big job interview or a first date.

Having a, shall we say, dishevelled underwear drawer is a common issue. After all, how do you keep a garment that is skimpy on the surface looking tidy and organized?

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to fold underwear in order to best organize these clothing intimates. With these tips and tricks, you’ll optimize your drawer space and ultimately save time when making your morning selection. 

The Best Way To Fold Underwear


When it comes to the organization of your underwear drawer, nothing should be left to the imagination. Ideally, you should be able to see the full range of options.

Below, we’ve nailed down 3 methods to keep your underwear drawer neat. 

Women’s Underwear

This first folding method works best for different types of underwear for women like briefs, bikinis, and boyshorts, and is most suitable for those whose home storage set-up gives them a bit more room to work with:

  • Step 1 – Flip your underwear, so the bum side faces you, then peel the crotch of the underwear up, so it meets flush with the waistband. You should wind up with a shape that resembles a shallow boat or canoe.
  • Step 2 – Bring in each side of the undies towards the midline (it doesn’t matter if it is a g string vs thong). They should “kiss” in the middle, forming a slightly elongated square shape.
  • Step 3 – Continue with a few more (3-4) pairs of undies. When you have a few tiny squares on your hands, stack them vertically. Rather than storing them in your dresser drawer, one on top of the other, flip them sideways so you can see each pair from a bird’s eye view of your drawer.

If you’re trying to save even more drawer space, you’ll want to go with the jelly roll folding method. The bonus of rolling rather than folding your undies is that it helps to keep the wrinkles at bay. Here’s how to pull this folding technique off:

  • Step 1 – To get the tightest roll possible, you’ll want to do a little preliminary folding first. Draw the right side of your panties in towards the center, just past where the opposite leg hole begins. Repeat with the left side.
  • Step 2 – You should have another small square shape on your hands, but the crotch of the underwear should still be visible. Beginning with the waistband, roll towards your body so that the crotch area is the last piece to wind up into your “jelly roll.”
  • Step 3 – The size of your collection should dictate how you position your undies in the drawer. If your underwear collection could rival Dita von Teese, you’ll save the most space by storing each pair vertically, so the spiral is visible. If you’ve kept your collection trim, you should be able to see it in full by simply laying each roll in the drawer.

It’s not in the cards for every laundry day, but if you’ve got the time, you can show your undies some extra love by ironing before you store. Not only will it cut back on wrinkles, making the folding process easier, but it can also help to kill any bacteria lingering after a wash cycle. Find out more tips and tricks on how to wash viscose bamboo items.

Men’s Underwear

If you’re partial to boxers or briefs, either of the above methods should work for guys looking to take control of their underwear drawer.

For those who opt for other types of underwear for men with more fabric—like classic relaxed boxers, or a longer boxer brief—you’ll want to rely on the following method:

  • Step 1 – Because men’s underwear tends to carry a little more bulk, start by laying them on a flat surface crotch-side up and smoothing out any wrinkles—especially if you’ve let them air dry, which is a great way to increase underwear’s longevity.
  • Step 2 – Once you’ve gotten them smoothed out, start by folding the first leg in, just where the second leg begins. Repeat with the other side. You should end up with a slim rectangle with three folded quadrants.
  • Step 3 – Fold the waistband halfway down towards the legs. When folding up the bottom half, insert the legs into the waistband to keep your little bundle in place. This will save space and keep everything secure and mess-proof if you ever succumb to your urge to rummage through the top drawer.

Need to replace those ripped-up boxers? Find a good pair of sustainable men’s bamboo underwear to minimize your environmental impact.

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Author: Heather Bien

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