Postpartum C-section Rehab

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About our Boody Ambassador - Alexia Symes, Pilates Instructor

She founded Core Strong Studio which is a space that improves the body from the inside out. It was dance that introduced Alexia to Pilates which she has been doing and developing for the last 7+ years.

Below Alexia shares her tips and tricks on how to work your core after a c-section.

Single leg extensions, toe taps, pelvic curls, pelvic press.

Filmed at 8 weeks postpartum.

Recovering from a c-section is major, but sticking to my rehab exercises definitely helped me feel so much better & stronger and got me up and moving confidently as soon as possible.

Here I am focusing on keeping movements small and my core activated to heal any ab separation (diastasis recti) that might of ocurred during pregnancy and to prevent any separation from happening moving forward. It is also very important to make sure there is no coning (a bulge out of the abs) when activating your core.

I did the following series starting on day 2 in the hospital.

**please confirm with your doctor before exercising postpartum and during pregnancy.

You can find the break down and breathing patterns of each move on my page @corestrongstudio I started off by doing 10 reps each side, 3 times a day and increased the intensity and my range as I got stronger.

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