The science behind making activewear part of your everyday wardrobe

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Making activewear part of our everyday wardrobe has become an essential ingredient in merging fitness and health into our fleeting daytime hours that are already bursting at the seams. Finding harmony between our need to keep up with the ever-turning wheel of 21st century life and our innate desire to steal moments amidst the day to breathe, regroup and pause is an endeavour more and more people are prioritising, as life gets busier and time seems to get shorter.

Besides the convenience of skipping a wardrobe change in between work and your fitness routine, Science suggests that dressing in activewear throughout the day could actually benefit our overall sense of contentment and emotional-wellbeing, and here is why:

What we wear affects how we feel

“What you wear can influence your thinking and negotiating skills, and even hormone levels and heart rate” – Matthew Hutson. And a paper from Social Psychological and Personality Science confirmed this link.

Redressing your activewear to become an everyday outfit has the potential to affect our cognitive processing and create the emotional-sense of contentment we need during the day. The way this works? The link between active clothing and the endorphins we feel during fitness activities can set us up to feel a sense of health and wellness, experienced vicariously through our clothing choices. While simply wearing activewear is not a substitute for actually being active (sorry to be the bearer of bad news!) the emotions you feel during the day can be positively affected by it, and give you a more continuous sense of time to pause, breathe and regroup.  

So now that you know why, here’s how:

1. Start from the bottom

A key component of your wardrobe should be the ability to have options, and a slender pair of black active leggings do just that! Add some colour, a funky pair of shoes and some accessories and you’ll have the freedom and mobility to go about your day with ease and in style.

2. Change it up:

If bike shorts are more your style, you’re in luck. Bike shorts are not only for exercise, they are super comfy and trendy this season. Paired with a great crop top, T-shirt or jacket you’re set with a great look for a trip into town.

Photo Credits: @kyliejenner

3. Keep it casual

Less is more: simplicity is key. Pairing your tights with a comfy, form-flattering everyday T-shirt is the perfect way to down play your activewear and make it work for any occasion.

4. Keep it active 

Activewear has become its own style, so wear it with intention and embrace the look. Kit yourself out in a comfy pair of tights, an active tank, and a sports bra with some flare, like our trendy racerbacks, and own your ‘fit’ wherever you go.

So go out, find your ‘fit’ and embrace your wardrobe’s power to change the way you feel by simply changing the way you dress.

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