Travel Smarter This Christmas With These 5 Eco-Friendly Flight Tips

Travel Smarter This Christmas With These 5 Eco-Friendly Flight Tips

In an ideal world, aeroplanes would run on cleaner fuel and cause zero harm to the environment. But with loved ones who live across the continent and limited travel options, we often have no alternative other than taking to the skies to visit our friends and family during the festive season.

Although our mode of travel may be out of our control, we still have control over the way we conduct ourselves when travelling. And for us at Boody SA, we’d prefer to conduct ourselves in a way that is respectful to both people and the planet. For us this means taking whatever steps we can – however small they may be – to reduce our waste while flying.

That’s why we’ve created a list of 5 eco-friendly flight tips to remind ourselves, as well as our fellow eco-warriors of ways to ‘tread lighter’ as we travel this Christmas. Here are a few ideas…

How To Pack With Purpose:

  1. Use an E-Ticket

    Image courtesy of South African Airways

    Start your journey right and go paperless from the get go. It’s easy to leave your check-in to the last minute, but by planning ahead and checking in a few days prior to your flight, you can make sure that you download your boarding pass or itinerary on your phone to avoid printing it and wasting paper.

  2. Travel Direct

    Image courtesy of Margo Brodowicz

    Try to reduce travel times by choosing the most direct flight paths where possible. A plane uses the most fuel and produces the most emissions when taking off and landing, so the less layovers your flight has the better.

    Durbanites should be glad to know that they can now fly direct to Heathrow via British Airways!

  3. Don’t Buy Snacks on the Plane

    When it comes to short flights, it’s better to completely avoid snacking. This is because smaller items like chips or sweet packets can cause more waste (as opposed to foods that are packaged in bulk), and it’s difficult to be certain of your chosen airline’s recycling policies. So, instead of giving in to the travelling munchies, rather get to the airport earlier and eat at a restaurant beforehand. If you have to snack onboard, then pack your own snackbox. This way you can also create less waste by using plates, cutlery or containers that can be washed and reused.

    The same thinking goes for drinks – rather bring your preferred drink onboard in a resuable bottle!

  4. Pack Lighter

    It’s important to keep in mind that the more the plane weighs, the more fuel it requires to power it. And naturally, more fuel means more carbon dioxide emissions! Thankfully, we can play a role in reducing this weight by packing lightly. Sticking to the bare essentials and choosing everyday clothing (like Boody Eco-wear) with neutral colour palettes that can easily be mixed and matched is definitely the way to go.

  5. Choose Your Toiletries Wisely


    There’s absolutely no need to buy eco-insensitive, travel-sized shampoos, soaps or handwash when you can use what you already have at home and pour it into small reusable bottles (which you can find at DisChem while you’re getting your Boody Eco-wear). Travel trinkets may be cute and fun for us, but just remember that the planet, and the creatures living in it, may not feel the same way.

    On that note, one toiletry item that we highly recommend (which is earth and animal-friendly) is a WooBamboo toothbrush. This clever product is compostable at the end of its lifespan and reduces heavy landfill waste created by toothbrushes with plastic handles.

    If you enjoyed these eco-friendly flight tips and found them helpful, then why not scroll down to the bottom of this page and subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest eco-awesome tips and tricks?

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