What to Wear On a Long Flight

What to Wear On a Long Flight

Whether it’s a seaside town, a cabin in the mountains, or an island getaway, the trip you’ve been counting down to is right around the corner. But before you’re watching the sunrise from a mountain peak or lounging on the patio with friends in the cool evening breeze, you’ve got to brave the flight over. So, you've got your long-haul flight essential packing list of a travel pillow, lip balm, a water bottle, and maybe an eye mask for an overnight flight. But you definitely cannot forget about your flight outfit.

Anybody who’s spent hours squirming in their seat because of an itchy sweater or tight pair of jeans knows how difficult it can be to dress for the plane. Long flights can already be draining from the long period of sitting to jet lag, and it can be especially uneventful if you're not wearing comfortable clothes. Whether you're on a long-haul flight or a short flight, what you wear says a lot about your comfort throughout the duration of it.

That’s why we’re here to help you figure out what to wear on a long flight, from women's activewear to a cute dress. Let’s dive into a couple adaptable, travel-friendly outfits so that you can step from the plane to playtime in style and in comfort. 

Flight Outfit 101

When putting together the perfect outfit for the plane, ease of movement is the name of the game. After all, it’s unlikely you’ll be sitting upright and still the whole time. 

Whether you’re curled up for a nap or leaning on the armrest while reading a book, ensure your own comfort by considering the following factors: 

  • Support – The foundation of a comfortable outfit is a trusty set of undergarments, so make sure you choose pieces that help your posture. Mid-flight back or rib pain could be signs of a lack of support–often caused by a tight-fitting underwire or improperly adjusted bra straps. So, a comfortable bra with great support is a must. 
  • Material – No matter how long your flight, choose lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow air to circulate and won’t cause you to sweat. Opt for natural materials, including cotton and linen blends, and sustainable alternatives, such as viscose made from wood pulp or bamboo. 

Fit – Are you more comfortable in roomy clothing, or do you prefer a soft, fitted shirt? The perfect fit ultimately depends on you. Baggy, loose clothing tends to offer more flexibility and airflow. A tighter fit, on the other hand, may preserve body heat better, keeping you warmer on a chilly, air-conditioned flight. Remember to stay away from structured items that will restrict your range of motion. When planning your next travel fit, shop our sustainable athleisure. It’s perfect for movement and comfort for those long travel days!


Outfit One: Keep It Casual 

Now that you know the key factors to consider for optimal comfort, let’s dive into a travel outfit that’s perfect for when you want to keep things low-key. 

Try the following: 

  • Go wireless – Opt for a simple and soft bra, such as a racerback design or a wireless bralette, which provides support and flexibility without digging into your ribs. Opt for a barely-there bra by slipping into a seamless style that will lay flat against your torso. 
  • Say “yes” to layers – It can be nearly impossible to know what temperatures to expect when getting on the plane—from stuffy heat to frigid, icy cold. That’s why it’s important to layer up, pairing a well-fitting t-shirt with a loose hoodie or pullover. Choose darker colours if you’re worried about in-flight turbulence causing spills and stains. 
  • Stay stretchy – Embrace elasticity with a pair of leggings on the bottom. Not only will well-fitting leggings look effortlessly chic, but they also allow comfort in a variety of positions. If you need more support or don’t want the waistband to dig into your stomach, choose a high-waisted design for a smooth fit. 

A comfortable activewear outfit is perfect when going casual. If you're wondering “what is activewear”, this can be yoga pants or leggings and a light jacket to keep you snug during your air travel. In the case that it's an overnight flight and you want to catch some sleep; you don't have to worry about changing in a cramped airplane bathroom. 


Outfit Two: Spice It Up

Let’s face it—sometimes, casual just doesn’t cut it. Whether it’s an upscale vacation or a momentous business trip, throwing in that extra bit of glam can level up your look.

Dress up your outfit while still ensuring maximum comfort with the following outfit idea: 

  • Opt for an all-in-one dress – No matter the season, a long, flowy sundress will add brightness and a welcome splash of colour to your in-flight outfit. Go with a loose-fitting midi or maxi dress that provides warmth for your legs while also exuding effortless elegance. 
  • Wrap yourself cosy – Bring along a cosy shawl or cardigan to add a romantic or bohemian touch to your jaw-dropping dress. Choose a thicker material if you’re headed for a cold destination or keep it lightweight and airy for warmer climates. The best part? Your shawl or cardigan can also double as a blanket if you decide to take a mid-flight snooze. 
  • Don’t forget the essentials– Just as important as your outfit is what you wear under it. Throw on a pair of smoothing shorts beneath your dress to prevent any fashion mishaps. The added coverage will also ensure minimal chafing so that you’re fresh and ready to go by the end of the flight.  


Boody: Sustainable Clothing for the Jetsetter in You

Besides the actual duration of air travel, you'll most likely be spending time at the airport. From going through the long lines of airport security to waiting to board and sitting on a long flight, you want to stay comfortable and cosy while you’re on the go. Bringing a gym bag for travel? Learn more about what gym bag essentials you should pack.

If you’re searching for the perfect outfit for your next flight, look no further than Boody. With soft, comfortable essentials like wireless bras and classic legging designs, we’ll have you flying in world-class style. 

Shop Boody for must-have eco-friendly clothing staples that are designed to keep up with you—no matter where your next adventure may lead.  



Daisy Hemmen


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