4 Eco-Friendly Living Tips That Are Easy On The Planet And Your Pocket.

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We’ve all heard the ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ slogan chanted over and over again in various television ads and marketing campaigns. And by now, most of us recognise the importance of adopting a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, given the serious threat of climate change.

But knowing what we should do is easy. Putting our knowledge into practice, however, is often a lot harder than we had ever imagined. Especially when we’ve formed many harmful habits over the years.

For this reason, we often need a little bit of help and encouragement when it comes to changing our lifestyle and reducing our carbon footprint. And that’s exactly why the Boody team decided to draw up some eco-friendly living tips to motivate you to make a few changes that’ll benefit both you and the environment.

4 Helpful Tips To Begin An Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle

Avoid Impulse Purchases

Before you buy something, be honest and ask yourself whether you really need it. All too often we mistake our wants for needs and end up purchasing something that eventually gathers dust in some forgotten corner of our home. By reducing our purchases, we can help reduce manufacturing demands, and thus decrease the environmental damage caused by many manufacturing processes.

Invest In Reusable Products

You can also decrease manufacturing demands by choosing to buy reusable products rather than disposable ones (for example: razors with changeable blades, rechargeable batteries, cloth napkins etc.). The less waste we create the better!

Prioritise Quality Over Quantity When Buying Clothes

Having a few quality clothing essentials in your wardrobe, instead of many poorly-made items (that’ll fall apart after a few wears), is much friendlier on the pocket over the long run.

We suggest you choose classic and timeless items (like the Boody V-Neck T-Shirt, for instance) that will withstand fluctuating fashion trends!

In terms of the environment, quality and locally sourced clothing items definitely get our stamp of approval (read our Ethical Fashion blog to find out more about the textile and garment manufacturing industry and how it affects our environment).

Have A Meat-Free Monday

Contrary to popular belief, meat-free Monday is not just a vegetarian practice that’s currently ‘buzzing’ on social media. Meat-free Monday is a pledge to combat climate change.

Going one day without any meat will not only help you save money, but it can also go a long way in slowing the harmful effects of climate change. Especially considering the fact that the livestock sector is one of the top three most significant contributors to the most pressing environmental problems that we face today.


Although there are many more environmentally-friendly lifestyle practices that you could try, we hope that these 4 eco-friendly living tips will start you off on the right foot, and help you make ‘greener’ choices.
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