Can What You Wear Really Affect Your Health?

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When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, the clothes you wear are probably not the first thing to come to mind – if they even come to mind at all!

But considering our skin is one of the body’s largest and fastest growing organs, surely we should give a little more thought to what we choose to cover it with?

After all, our skin looks after us by shielding us against things such as temperature extremes and harmful UV rays, so why can’t we return the favour and look after it?

Which Chemicals Are In Your Clothes?

The use of chemicals in textile production may be common knowledge, but exactly how many chemicals are used, and are any harmful to our health?

A recent study, conducted by Stockholm University researchers, tested numerous garments from Swedish and international clothing chains, and identified thousands of different chemicals remaining in the finished textile products.

Although many of the identified chemicals were harmless, more sinister substances, such as Formaldehyde, flame-retardants and perfluorinated chemicals were unearthed.

Whilst these chemicals help make our lives easier by offering us wrinkle-free or stain-resistant convenience, they also have the potential to affect our health.

What Goes On You Is What Goes In You

These hazardous chemicals, which are found in many synthetic fabrics, may not have any immediate impact on our wellbeing, but using these fabrics on a daily basis can do more damage than we think.

Take formaldehyde as an example: In 1987 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classified formaldehyde as a probable human carcinogen under conditions of prolonged exposure!

Think about it, your skin is not a closed-off system. Many medicines can be delivered through skin application and absorbed into your bloodstream.

So surely it makes sense to pay attention to what our skin comes into contact with? We certainly think so, and that’s why we proudly promote the use of organic clothing!

Our very own Boody bamboo collections are made with the skin-friendly and conscious consumer in mind. From growing the bamboo organically (EcoCert) which is completely pesticide free, to using vegetable based dyes, ensuring there are no nasty chemical residues rubbing off onto your skin.

But whatever your fashion preferences may be, we hope that after reading this, you are encouraged to choose clothing that is both good for you and the planet!

Take a look at our awesome range of organic Boody clothing which you can purchase online. 

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