Eco-Friendly Ways To Cool Down This Summer

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With temperatures rising year on year due to rapid climate change, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find effective and eco-friendly ways to cool down – especially during summer.

And while we all know how glorious South African summer can be, it can be equally hellish at times with temperatures so hot, you can fry an egg on a sidewalk!

The heat rashes, the stench of sweat and the energy-sapping humidity can all be a little too much to bear. But before you crank up one of the atmosphere’s arch-enemies, otherwise known as the AC, you may want to read through our list of summer cooling tips that are just as environmentally kind as they are helpful.

Keep Your Cool & Combat Climate Change With These Summer Cooling Tips

1. Wear Thermo-Regulating Fabric

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Your body naturally cools itself down through sweating, but let’s face it, it’s not the most comfortable way to beat the heat. Thankfully, thermo-regulating clothes, such as our Boodywear range, give your body that extra assistance it needs to avoid embarrassing pools of underarm sweat and clingy clothing. Boody garments absorb excess heat and release it as needed, improving your body’s ability to regulate temperature. They are also made using organic bamboo material and environmentally-sound processes to ensure that they are 100% ethical.

2. Build a Terracotta Pot Fridge


Want to eat more fresh fruits and veggies, but don’t have enough storage space in your fridge? Instead of buying a larger, more energy-demanding fridge, why not utilise the pot-in-pot cooler method?

This age-old technique involves placing a smaller terracotta pot within a larger one and leaving a 3-4cm gap between the pots. This gap is filled with sand, and water is then poured over the sand until it is saturated. Once this has been done, the fruit and veggies are placed inside the smaller pot and covered with a wet towel.

Commonly known as an earthen pot fridge, this resourceful cooler makes use of evaporation to carry heat away from the pot, leaving its contents refreshingly cool.

3. Plant a Rooftop Garden


Cities all over the world, such as Berlin and Tokyo, are beautifying their rooftops with luscious gardens. This clever idea, however, serves more than just an aesthetic function. It simultaneously fights climate change by purifying the city air, and cools down the air beneath the roof with a thick layer of soil that acts as an insulator.

One great example of a rooftop garden in South Africa can be found at the office of Urban Management Zone, situated in central Durban, along Palmer street. This eco-friendly spot is open to the public between 8am and 4pm and is free of charge, so be sure to check it out Durbanites!

Add a Reflective Film to Your Windows


Reflective window tints are an excellent alternative to installing expensive aircon units. They help keep your home cool by blocking out harmful ultraviolet rays and by decreasing solar heat build-up. This eco idea is certain to bring down your monthly electricity bill and give you the added benefit of extra privacy.

We hope you’re now ready to brave the South African sun and embrace summer with these eco-friendly ways to cool down! If you have any summer cooling tips to add to this list, feel free to share them in the comment box below and help us all have a sweat-free summer.

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