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4 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Good for Your Health And The Planet

Are you eager to start 2018 off on the right foot? Have you begun setting yourself a few health-focused new year’s resolutions?

Most of us look forward to becoming healthier, happier versions of ourselves in the new year, but few of us see any connection between our health and the health of the planet. Sadly, we fail to realise that the two are inextricably linked.

An increasing amount of evidence is, however, starting to show just how big of an impact our environment has on human health. And unless we start treating Mother Nature with a little more respect, we’re in for some serious health consequences. From lung cancer and heart disease to an increase in killer diseases such as malaria and cholera, prolonged exposure to air pollutants and rising temperatures aren’t painting a pretty picture for the future of human health.

On the bright side, there’s a lot we can do to reverse the negative effects of climate change and environmental degradation. By simply adopting healthier, eco-friendly habits and encouraging others to follow suit, we can make more of a difference than we think!

With this in mind, why not use 2018 as an opportunity to set yourself a few eco-friendly new year’s resolutions that will benefit both you and the planet?

Here are a few of our favourite green goals to add to your list of resolutions.

Stay Happy And Healthy With These Eco-Friendly New Year Resolutions

1.Support Your Local Farmers

Shopping at local farmers’ markets is a good way to reduce your food mileage (food mileage is a popular term used to describe how far food has been transported to reach our plates). Many of the fruits and vegetables you buy at a supermarket are often transported from one side of the country to the other for the sake of increased variety. But is this sizable selection really worth it when you consider the increased carbon emissions produced from all that extra transport, and the long list of preservatives that are used to keep fruit and veg fresh after several days of travel?

2.Go To Bed Early

Around the world, average daily sleep time has been gradually declining. From an average of nine hours a hundred years ago to less than seven hours today, we’ve been getting less and less ‘shuteye’ and have been staying up later and later. As a result, we’re using more electricity than we need and are also negatively affecting our body’s ability to maintain a healthy weight. Sleep plays a vital role in regulating our ‘hunger hormones’ and lack of sleep increases the production of ghrelin – a hormone which boosts our appetite. So, it becomes much harder to keep your weight in check when you’re constantly feeling hungry due to sleep deprivation.

3.Choose Bamboo Fabric

In addition to the many skin-friendly benefits that come with bamboo’s anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties, there are a number of eco benefits that make it hard to ignore the organic fabric’s appeal. For instance, bamboo plantations only require rainwater to grow, whereas cotton crops require approximately 20 000 litres of water to produce one kilogram of cotton. Bamboo plantations are also very effective when it comes to improving air quality - they produce 30% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees and also absorb more carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.

4.Practice More Meat-Free Monday’s

Did you know that livestock production is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions? Although there’s nothing wrong with a healthy protein intake, eating too much meat is not only bad for the planet but is also bad for your health. According to Oxford University’s department of public health, your risk of heart disease and cancer significantly increases when you eat meat more than three times a week!

Will you be adding any of these eco-friendly new year’s resolutions to your list? We hope so!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic, so be sure to leave us a note in the comment box below.


4 Travel Tips For The Eco Conscious Holidaymaker


Are you looking forward to going on an adventure and making new memories as you travel abroad these holidays?

With all the thrill and excitement that comes with travelling, it’s easy to leave your eco-conscious habits behind!

With this in mind, we’ve put together a few eco travel tips to remind you to tread as lightly and responsibly as possible while you explore the beautiful world around you.

Begin Your Journey With A Clean Conscience & Put These 4 Eco Travel Tips To Use

1. Pack Wisely

Although it’s tempting to cram your travel bag with those ‘just-in-case’ items, heavy luggage is no friend to the environment! The more the plane weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces. So be smart and pack for the planet – when it comes to clothes, light and classic clothing options like Boody Basics are ideal, as they don’t take up much space and are easy to dress up or down. 

2. Choose Eco-Friendly Accommodation

Now that more and more businesses are being put under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, it has become much easier to find eco-friendly accommodation. From hotels that embrace sustainable practices to eco-lodges that have gone completely off-the-grid, there are plenty of options to choose from. Check out SA Venues’ list of eco accommodation if you’re keeping your travels local, and are battling to find the right lodging. 

3. Pack Reusable Containers And Bottles

Miniature-sized travel items, like tiny shampoo, toothpaste bottles or hand cream, may be cute and convenient to carry, but they come at a cost – for both the planet and your pocket! Rather fill up a few reusable bottles or containers with the toiletries that you already have at home.

4. Opt For Public Transport Where Possible

Besides avoiding additional carbon emissions produced from private transport, public transport takes your travel experience to a whole new level by providing you with a chance to interact with the locals and really get to know their culture.


Have any eco travel tips that you’d like to recommend? Help us make this world a little greener by sharing it with us in the comment box below.


Solveig Gevers Shares 5 Simple Ways To Move Into Your Groove & Create A Healthier And Happier You

Wokshots Photography : Solveig Gevers Summer Health and Happiness


On our continual quest to learn more about health and wellness, we recently met up with massage and yoga practitioner, Solveig Gevers.

As an instructor at Yoga Rocks and a founder of Living Bliss Yoga and Wellness, Solveig eats, sleeps and breathes health and wellness, and is deeply passionate about teaching yoga.

We asked for her expert advice on leading a healthy and balanced life this summer. Here’s what she had to say…

5 Simple Ways To Move Into Your Groove & Create A Healthier And Happier You

  1. Aqua. Water. = LIFE

We all know this and have heard it a thousand times over but it’s number 1 for a reason! Every cell in your body (and we’re talking trillions of cells) cannot survive without this magical fluid from nature. Again, you know this. Drinking water is the simplest and most common remedy to common ailments such as headaches, constipation, muscle cramps, fatigue and that rubbish feeling after any over-indulgence. The treat here is that it has ZERO side effects and 100% benefit! If it’s accessible then go for natural fresh spring water and preferably not from a plastic bottle if you can avoid it (I’ll leave my plastics rant for another day) or get yourself a filter to help reduce the lingering chemicals from the water purification process of your tap water. The bottom line, drink water and plenty of it!

Tip: start your day with 500ml boiled water infused with fresh ginger, a dash of lemon and some mint. This will not only hydrate your ‘boody’ful body but also aid with digestion and kickstart your day with all kinds of goodness!

  1. Dose Up On Micronutrients

Nourish your body with a wealth of nutrients by dosing your day with a juice or smoothie. These allow for quick and easy access to nutrients that will replenish and revitalise your cells, helping to support your digestive system and give you that extra sparkle you need to shine through this summer. Juices allow for an intense dose of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants but tend to contain higher levels of ‘sugar’ and the lack of fibre may leave you feeling a little hungry. Smoothies make for the perfect breakfast. They are a little easier to prepare and contain a full range of macro- and micronutrients as well as fibre allowing your belly to feel more satisfied. You can be very creative with your choice of ingredients. Try stick to more vegetables than fruits, add a few seeds, or protein powder, or superfoods of choice.

Tip: My go-to summer smoothie to keep my energy beaming…

A handful of baby spinach (or swiss chard or kale), a handful of blueberries or mixed beries, a quarter avocado, some cucumber, a slice of pineapple or papaya, half a cup of coconut water, a block or two of ice, some fresh mint and a tablespoon of superfood or protein powder. Blitz together and welcome all that goodness into your body!

  1. Move Your Boody!

Move mindfully and observe the way you think, act and feel. Whether you dance, run, surf, climb, yoga, gym, cycle or any other expression of movement, do it with your full attention. It’s easy to let your mind get distracted by the endless outside stimulants that clutter your thinking and dilute your experience of being present and awake. Let the movement of your body and the rhythm of your breathing become a practice of presence, no matter what the activity.

Tip: Yoga, yoga, yoga and more yoga. I love nothing better than to get on my yoga mat, no matter what my mood or what’s going in my world – it’s the place where I nurture and grow my relationship with myself and my body. It’s not about how bendy or strong or able you are, it’s about being aware. It’s noticing the thoughts, noticing your attitude, noticing your ideas and expectations and how, perhaps, those patterns of thinking are reflected in your life off of the yoga mat. That simple awareness can shift your entire experience.

  1. Eat Natural, Live Natural.

Source your nutrients in its most natural form (ideally from your local farmers and free of plastic packaging). Make time to prepare your food with kindness so that you can receive it into your body with gratitude. Avoid the processed, refined ‘foods’ that have a complicated list of (mostly synthetic) ingredients.

Essentially, summer is a great time to get back to basics. Get out into nature. Nature has the innate ability to heal and nurture you and for most of us it’s right on our doorstep but the mind clutter and material clutter block us from accessing it! Step outside, feel the breeze, the sunshine, the rain or the wind! Kick off your shoes and spread your toes into the lush embrace of grass, soil, sand or sea. Appreciate and celebrate the abundant gifts that nature has to offer you.

Tip: make choices that support nature so that nature can support you. Wear natural fibres (Bamboo boodywear of course!). Grow some edible plants. Reduce your waste. Recycle what you can. And re-use the rest. Ride your bike or walk whenever you can.

  1. Be Kind.

Kindness is the gateway to self-love. And self-love is the gateway to happiness. When you love and celebrate yourself in your entirety, you no longer need to fill any holes or gaps or emptiness because your love is boundless and immeasurable. Love yourself first and then let your love overflow into the world around you. Keep things light and simple. Don’t take life too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself and love yourself through those moments of vulnerability.

Tip: sit quietly each day and reflect on your thoughts and self-talk. Would you say those things to someone you love? This is where a gratitude journal comes in as a handy treat! Take time to write down three to five things you are grateful for and share your gratitude with someone close to you. Sharing in gratitude creates joy and joy is the true expression of love which connects us all from within.

 Wokshots Photography : Solveig Gevers Summer Health and Happiness


Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Boody Health Tips Reduce Cancer


Did you know that 1 in 26 South African women run the risk of getting breast cancer during their lifetime?

The odds of you or someone you know getting breast cancer are pretty scary when you think about it! It’s even scarier to discover how much this risk increases with factors such as age, gender and genetics.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! There’s a lot you can do to reduce your risk of breast cancer. By simply making a few lifestyle changes, you can take charge of your health and have peace of mind, knowing you’ve taken every preventative measure possible.

Take a look at the list of lifestyle changes we’ve prepared below to see what you can do to improve your breast health.

4 Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

1.Maintain A Healthy Weight

Being overweight can dramatically increase your risk of breast cancer, especially after menopause. So it’s important to make sure you watch your caloric intake – this, of course, doesn’t mean you should starve yourself! It just means you should make wiser dietary decisions, such as decreasing the amount of fatty foods you eat, and including plenty of fruits and vegetables in your daily meals.

Since diet is thought to be partly responsible for 30% to 40% of all cancers, the importance of adopting healthier eating habits cannot be overemphasised!

2.Exercise Regularly

With all the benefits of regular exercise, such as increased energy, improved focus and boosted immunity, it’s just makes sense to be more physically active. But if these benefits aren’t motivation enough, consider the fact that 4 to 7 hours of exercise per week is known to reduce your risk of breast cancer by up to 12%!

3.Quit Smoking

Smoking is probably one of the worst things you can do for your health. From early aging and lung damage to heart disease and an increased risk of fifteen different cancers, including breast cancer, smoking is definitely a bad idea!

But if you’re already addicted, and are struggling to give up this harmful habit, then consider speaking to your doctor or psychologist about available medications or therapies to help curb your cravings.

4.Lower Your Alcohol Intake

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the odd drink here and there. But it’s a good idea to monitor your alcohol intake, as experts estimate that your risk of breast cancer increases by 10% for every drink you have each day.

Did you find this list of lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of breast cancer helpful? Leave us a comment in the box below and let us know your thoughts.


5 Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips For A Greener Home

Boody Spring Clean Eco Blog


Have you been bitten by the spring cleaning bug yet? Are you ready to make the inside of your house look as fresh and bright as the outside? There are many ways to make our homes look squeaky clean. But few of us give much thought to how our cleaning habits impact the environment we live in.

So before you begin your annual spring cleaning ritual, why not take a moment to read these 5 eco-friendly cleaning tips that will make both your home and the earth cleaner and greener?

Clean Green This Spring With These 5 Tips

  1. Ditch Disposable Cleaning Cloths

Since most disposable cleaning cloths contain synthetic fibres which are slow to degrade, they end up overloading landfills and thus contribute to the numerous environmental problems caused by them.

Rather use microfiber cloths, which have long lifespan and are extremely easy to clean and disinfect.

  1. Dispose of Hazardous Household Products Safely

Items such as broken light bulbs and old batteries often contain dangerous metals like mercury and cadmium. So it’s best to drop these off at your local recycling station, as they can pose serious concerns to the health of both humans and ecosystems if they aren’t disposed of correctly.

  1. Freshen Your Air Naturally

Instead of opting for a plastic-housed air freshener that contains a cocktail of chemicals which you’ve probably never heard of, why not trust nature to purify your air for you? Plants naturally filter and freshen air. So consider getting some easy-to-care for houseplants, such as Chrysanthemums or Begonias, if you want to improve your indoor air quality.

  1. Spare The Vacuum Cleaner

While vacuum cleaners may save your back, they certainly aren’t saving the planet with their electricity consumption. On average a vacuum cleaner typically uses around 1000 watts of electrical power, which may not seem like a lot, but over extended periods of cleaning it all adds up.

Try sweep wherever possible and only bring out the vacuum cleaner when you really need it.

  1. Try Your Hand At Homemade Cleaners

Although there is a lot of conflicting evidence on whether the chemicals used in common household cleaners are in high enough concentrations to harm the environment, it’s best to err on the side of caution and make your own cleaners using natural ingredients such as lemon, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar – these eco-friendly ingredients are just as effective at tackling tough cleaning jobs and are much more cost effective.

If you enjoyed these eco-friendly spring cleaning tips, and would like to read more about green living and eco-wellness, then be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page and join our mailing list!



Celebrate World Fashion Day In Style With Boodywear

World Fashion Day Boody


What is fashion? For some it’s all about keeping up with the latest trends, for others it’s about creative expression. But for us at Boody SA, fashion equates to comfortable, eco-friendly and classically stylish clothing - like our Boody basics - that you can wear every day.

And as the 21st August marks World Fashion Day, we thought we’d help you celebrate in style by sharing a few different ways to wear your Boodywear.

From smart and stylish to laid-back and leisurely ensembles, we’ve got some outfit ideas that are sure to inspire you!

Cool And Casual

Boody Eco Top

Are you going for a fresh and feminine look? If so, we suggest you say no to sleeves and opt for a Boody Tank Top. This model shows you how you can transform your Boody basic with a pair of ¾ jeans and sneakers. 

Simple Yet Sophisticated

Boody Men & Women's Eco Wear

If the occasion calls for something smart and stylish, then you may want to take note of how these Boody models dress up their basics. Featuring the Women’s ¾ Leggings and the Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt, this fashion snap showcases the impressive versatility of these classic clothing options.

Everyday Elegance 

Boody Fashion Women's Top

Don’t be afraid to show some skin and wear the Cami Top with nothing more than a casual pair of high rise jeans and a few stylish accessories. Remember that less is more when it comes to creating elegant everyday outfits. 

A Laid-Back Look

Boody Men & Women Fashion Eco Wear

Going for a casual stroll or walk on the beach? Why not embrace the laid-back look with a super comfortable Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt or Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt? Ladies can layer their V-Neck with a denim jacket and liven it up with a scarf and matching pair of pumps, while men can create a leisurely-looking outfit with a pair of takkies, some knee-length trousers and a jacket.



Why Boodywear Is The Smart Choice For Your Baby

Boody Baby Bamboo Health Benefits

It's only natural to want what's best for your Baby. And as a parent you're entitled to be as picky as you like when it comes to dressing your little darling!

But finding babywear that meets your standards and is sensitive to the needs of your bub is not always easy.

That's why we at Boody, decided to introduce Boody babywear to our range of organic bamboo clothing. Designed to consider your child's every need, our babywear is the ideal choice for your tot's sensitive and delicate skin.

With extremely soft and practical clothing options, you can look forward to the following Boody Babywear benefits:

5 Reasons To Choose Boody Babywear

1. Flexible

Known for it's soft and stretchy fibre, bamboo is superbly suited to clothing production - especially when it comes to babywear. The four way stretch allows for non-restrictive flexibility and freedom of movement, Boody is perfect for wriggly tots and active babies who want to explore the world around them.

2. Breathable

 Because bamboo fibres contain micro-gaps, which provide ventilation and pull moisture away from the body, they keep your baby comfortably cool, and ensure their skin breaths with ease.

3. Non Toxic

The bamboo that is used to make Boody Babywear is grown organically - without pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers. In addition to this, our manufacturing proccess excludes the use of toxic chemicals such as Formadehyde and flame-retardants. As a result, our yarn is 100% non-toxic, we also carry the Confidence in Textiles certification which certifies no harmful chemicals rub off the fabric on to Baby’s skin.

4. Hypo-Allergenic

If your baby's skin is extra sensitive and easily irritated, then you'll be glad to know that the Boody fabric is much gentler on skin than synthetic and traditional fabrics- this is due to the hypo-allergenic properties of bamboo.

5. Hygienic

Containing an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bio-agent which is retained and becomes more odour resistant the more you wash it! Boody Babywear ensures your baby's skin stays clean and healthy.

Would you like to explore the Boody clothing options available for your baby? Take a look at our trendy range of babywear which you can purchase online.


4 Eco-Friendly Ways To Warm Up This Winter

Organic Fashion Eco Friendly Ways To Keep Warm in Winter

As the weather gets colder and winter begins to chill us to the very core, it’s tempting to turn up the heater and give in to those wasteful winter comforts that use up way more electricity than necessary.

But before we gobble up the earth’s precious resources and contribute to the excessively high greenhouse gas emissions, let’s first consider our options. There are many equally effective ways to keep cosy and warm that don’t harm the planet. So let’s take a look at our choices below:

Eco-Friendly Winter Tips To Beat The Cold

Opt For Thermo-Regulating Clothing

Boody Organic Bamboo Eco Wear Ladies Cami Top

When it comes to winter clothing, we don’t always give much thought to the type of fabrics we choose, as we naturally assume that thicker fabrics are more effective at keeping us warm. This, however, is not always true. Some fabrics, like bamboo, have special thermo-regulating properties which trap in heat and negate the need for thick, heavy fabric.

Reverse The Rotation Of Your Ceiling Fan

Eco Friendly Winter Tip

Image: www.mom4real.com

With the flick of a switch you can change the direction in which your ceiling fan spins. Why do this? Well, normally fans spin anti-clockwise to push warm air upwards and away from the area you want to cool. But by reversing your ceiling fan’s rotation you can cause it to push warm air downwards and towards the area you want to heat up. And since fans use energy more efficiently, they’re a great alternative to heaters.

Let Your House Soak Up Some Sun

Eco Friendly Winter Tip

Image: www.thestar.com

If you’ve ever left your curtains or blinds closed during the day, only to be greeted by an unusually cold chill in the evening, then you’ll know that something as simple as letting a little sunlight in can make a big difference to your home’s temperature.

Don’t Let The Warm Air Escape

Eco Friendly Winter Tips

Image: www.media.safebee.com

It’s a good idea to inspect your home for any air leaks that may be thwarting your efforts to stay warm. Draughts of cold air can easily creep in under doors or through tiny gaps in your window. So be sure to seal up all the gaps before you resort to any energy demanding heating devices.

Do you have any eco-friendly winter warm up tips that you’d like to share? As always, we’d love to hear from you. So feel free to leave us comment in the box below!


Gather Kindly Please: Filippa Harrington Discusses Conscious Dining

Gather Kindly
From left to right: Filippa Harrington and Daniela Puccini. 


When it comes to conscious living, we’re all about cultivating a community that’s as passionate about the planet as we are. Whether it’s discussing our views or sharing our enthusiasm, we’re always happy to engage in a meaningful way with our fellow eco-warriors. So when we crossed paths with Fillippa Harrington, co-founder of Gather Kindly, we were immediately drawn to her conscious dining philosophy, and wanted to hear more about Gather’s story. 


Take a look at what we discovered in our recent interview with her:

Boody: How did Gather Kindly begin and who was responsible for starting the company? 

Filippa Harrington: Gather is co-created by Daniela Puccini, and myself Filippa Harrington.  We met five years ago, soon after I moved to Cape Town and connected over food instantly. At first, this connection presented itself as a joy of nourishing our friends, family and community and playing with flavor, texture and colour. 

As our friendship developed, and our independent experiences within the world of food, farming, wellbeing and gastronomy widened we were drawn to collaborate together in a formal sense, as a way of sharing a voice we felt lacking in the food space, and in Cape Town culture at large.  A space where integrity is constantly evaluated, a space of wholesome nourishment that is eco-friendly, farmer-friendly and people-friendly and a platform from which to generate a make-it-yourself-culture, of information share and mindful ways of consuming and being.

Boody: What was the inspiration behind Gather Kindly, and what makes it unique?

 Filippa Harrington: I’d like to think a few things.  I think our personal backgrounds, both in where we come from and what we do creates a unique way of working with food and sharing information.

Daniela is a fine-artist and classically trained chef, and I have worked in the not-for-profit sector supporting environmental organizations and urban farming initiatives, and my food skills are self-taught, with a keen awareness for nutritional integrity.  Daniela’s food roots are Italian, and mine are Swedish.  I embrace traditional Swedish food-culture methods of food preservation and fermentation, as well as connecting to the land through the use of wild food flavours such as local seaweeds, indigenous edibles and wild herbs and greens - which support a way of eating that is compassionate towards our own well-being, and that of our planet.  

Discovering the echo of these food practices, namely fermenting, foraging and the eating of wild greens, in traditional Southern African food culture has created a deep understanding of their universal importance.  In terms of our projects, I would say our relentless commitment to supporting small-scale farmers who grow food without the use of chemical pesticides is unique… unfortunately!

Luckily, more and more food projects are integrating more environmentally friendly kitchen practices and sourcing policies, but we really need chefs to lead the way and be a bridge between farmer and consumer, and use their skills to show how environmentally conscious dining can be delicious and nourishing.  We also are wholly committed to providing individuals with the information and skills to make positive changes in their own lives, we don’t want to just feed people – we want to be sure they can take these practices into their own kitchens and own lives.

Boody: What does conscious dining mean to you?

Filippa Harrington: Thinking about more than what’s easy, more than our whims and more than just ourselves.  Taking a moment to think of the bigger picture connected to our food choices. To ask questions.  To acknowledge that maybe what may seem cheap now, is costly to the planet and our own health.

Boody: Do you have any conscious living tips for our Boody fans?

Filippa Harrington: We have immense power as consumers, every time we spend money, we are choosing to support something good or something not so good.  What we buy is noticed, and the more ethical and environmental our buying decisions are, the availability of these products will grow and other companies will be forced to change how and what they are doing.  Choosing one eco-friendly habit to commit to per month is a good starting point, and you’ll soon see how quickly these become natural practices, rather than something that creates stress or asks for more time in your life.  And never underestimate the positive impact you alone can have on this world – it’s limitless! 

Gather Kindly Conscious Dining









Celebrate Easter Ethically With These 3 Fairtrade Chocolate Brands


When it comes to buying chocolate, your brand choice can have more of an impact than you realise. It can either encourage unfair labour practices and environmental harm, or it can support sustainable production and ethical labour standards. It all depends on whether or not your chosen brand carries Fairtrade certification.

This certification ensures that the Fairtrade organisation audits cocoa farms and traders annually in order to maintain ethical procedures within the entire supply chain.

Unfortunately, only a handful of South African chocolate companies carry this certification. And of course, this means our options of ethical brands are very limited. Nonetheless, it’s important that we choose our chocolate brands with careful consideration, especially as we fill our trollies this Easter.

To help you instantly recognise companies that adhere to these ethical standards, we’ve put together a list of Fairtrade chocolate brands. Take a look at the 3 products below.

Green & Black’s


If you’re into all things organic, then you’ll appreciate this Fairtrade chocolate brand which prides itself in its high cocoa content.  

Where to buy it: Wellness Warehouse and select Pick ‘n Pay stores.

Marks & Spencer


Available in exciting flavours like Italian Orange, Butterscotch and Sicillian Sea Salt, this Fairtrade chocolate brand is sure to liven up your Easter.

Where to buy it: Woolworths

Cadbury Dairy Milk


It’s great to see big brands like Cadbury getting on board with Fairtrade principles! For now, only the Cadbury Dairy Milk range carries Fairtrade certification, but we’re expecting to see more of their products ‘stamped’ with the Fairtrade logo in future.

Where to buy it: Any store nationwide

Will you be choosing any of these Fairtrade chocolate brands this Easter? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so go ahead and leave us comment in the box below!


What Is Earth Hour And How Can I Support It?


Famously started as a lights out event in Sydney, Australia in 2007, Earth Hour has grown into a powerful movement for climate change prevention.
Committed to inspiring governments around the world to push climate change to the top of the agenda, the movement has already made much progress with climate-friendly laws and policies.
From funding solar-powered homes to banning plastic in the World Heritage site of the Galapagos Islands, Earth Hour has achieved many environmental milestones over the years. But despite these advancements, there are still countless issues standing in the way of climate change prevention.
That’s why Earth Hour needs you to help make as much ‘noise’ as possible for action on climate change. The more people the movement has on board, the more effective it can be in its environmental efforts. So if you’d like to play your part and show that you care for the planet's future, then be sure to join in on the action on the 25 March at 8:30pm. But before you do, why not take a moment to explore different ways to support this worthy cause?

4 Ways To Support Earth Hour

Turn Off All Your Lights

Take a stand against climate change and show your concern for this issue by joining millions across the globe as they switch off their lights from 8:30pm to 9:30pm on the 25th March.

Donate Your Facebook Feed

The Change Climate Change organisation have set up a campaign that allows you to donate your Facebook feed from the 22nd to the 25th of March. By giving this organisation permission to share 5 Earth Hour-focused posts on your personal newsfeed, you can help shine a light on climate change action and draw attention to the #ChangeClimateChange movement.

Host An Event

Why stop at turning off your lights when you can host your very own event? Be it a candle-lit dinner, concert or party, one small event can make a big difference when it comes to raising awareness about the severity of climate change!

Donate Towards Climate Change Prevention

You can give the Earth Hour organisation the means to make a difference with a little financial support. Whether it’s guiding over 172 Earth Hour teams worldwide to change climate change in their countries, or engaging with businesses and governments, your donation will help enable actions that create a real impact on the planet.
Whichever way you choose to support Earth Hour, we hope this movement inspires you to join part in global efforts to prevent climate change, and that it encourages you to unite with fellow environmental activists to fight for the planet's future!


Helpful Tips For A ‘Tree-Free’ Home

 Whether it’s producing oxygen, purifying the air we breathe or maintaining the planet’s incredible biodiversity, trees essentially support life as we know it. But the sad reality is that we’re quickly on our way to destroying the forests that are vital to our existence.

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, approximately 48 football fields of forest are lost every minute! And at this current rate of deforestation, the world’s most important forests could completely vanish in a hundred years. It’s a pretty depressing thought right? Well, we certainly think so.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. There’s a lot we can do to prevent this frightful fate. But before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s probably a good idea to focus on the small lifestyle changes we all can make first.

Here’s a list of a few steps that we can take to discourage tree felling by reducing our reliance on paper:

Help Save The Forests With These ‘Tree-Free’ Tips

  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.
  • Ensure double-sided printing is always enabled when you print.
  • Avoid using paper notes to leave messages for your roommates or family -rather invest in a small white board.
  • When making a purchase, find out if it’s possible to receive an electronic receipt.
  • Instead of buying new books, try and see if your local library has the book you’re looking for.
  • Swap books with your friends when you’re looking for something new to read.
  • Get your daily news by subscribing to an online newspaper and avoid buying a print.

Apart from reducing your paper usage at home, you can also help combat the devastating effects of deforestation by planting as many trees as possible – be it in your garden or at a location set by your local conservation group.

Whichever way you go about saving the forests, we wish you the best of luck with this important eco-endeavour!




4 Eco-Friendly Living Tips That Are Easy On The Planet And Your Pocket.

We’ve all heard the ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ slogan chanted over and over again in various television ads and marketing campaigns. And by now, most of us recognise the importance of adopting a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, given the serious threat of climate change.

But knowing what we should do is easy. Putting our knowledge into practice, however, is often a lot harder than we had ever imagined. Especially when we’ve formed many harmful habits over the years.

For this reason, we often need a little bit of help and encouragement when it comes to changing our lifestyle and reducing our carbon footprint. And that’s exactly why the Boody team decided to draw up some eco-friendly living tips to motivate you to make a few changes that’ll benefit both you and the environment.

4 Helpful Tips To Begin An Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle

Avoid Impulse Purchases

Before you buy something, be honest and ask yourself whether you really need it. All too often we mistake our wants for needs and end up purchasing something that eventually gathers dust in some forgotten corner of our home. By reducing our purchases, we can help reduce manufacturing demands, and thus decrease the environmental damage caused by many manufacturing processes.

Invest In Reusable Products

You can also decrease manufacturing demands by choosing to buy reusable products rather than disposable ones (for example: razors with changeable blades, rechargeable batteries, cloth napkins etc.). The less waste we create the better!

Prioritise Quality Over Quantity When Buying Clothes

Having a few quality clothing essentials in your wardrobe, instead of many poorly-made items (that’ll fall apart after a few wears), is much friendlier on the pocket over the long run.

We suggest you choose classic and timeless items (like the Boody V-Neck T-Shirt, for instance) that will withstand fluctuating fashion trends!

In terms of the environment, quality and locally sourced clothing items definitely get our stamp of approval (read our Ethical Fashion blog to find out more about the textile and garment manufacturing industry and how it affects our environment).

Have A Meat-Free Monday

Contrary to popular belief, meat-free Monday is not just a vegetarian practice that’s currently ‘buzzing’ on social media. Meat-free Monday is a pledge to combat climate change.

Going one day without any meat will not only help you save money, but it can also go a long way in slowing the harmful effects of climate change. Especially considering the fact that the livestock sector is one of the top three most significant contributors to the most pressing environmental problems that we face today.


Although there are many more environmentally-friendly lifestyle practices that you could try, we hope that these 4 eco-friendly living tips will start you off on the right foot, and help you make ‘greener’ choices.
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Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

With all the things ‘Mother Nature’ provides for us, such as food, water, medicine, material for clothing and material for housing, we thought it’s high time we starting showing a little more appreciation by giving back. But how exactly do you give back to the environment? Well, for a start we thought it might be a good idea to encourage our friends and family, as well as all our faithful Boody fans, to give Eco-friendly gifts this Christmas. Given the increased indulgence and excess spending over the festive season, we’re sure you can imagine the heavy demand placed on manufacturers during this time! However, with all the excitement and hype, many of us fail to think about the gifts that we buy, and whether or not the manufacturing processes required to make them are harmful to the environment. With this in mind, we’d like to help steer you in the right direction by sharing a list of Eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas.

Gift Green This Christmas With These Environmentally-Friendly Gifts

1. Hemporium Slim Striped Hemp Tote

This stylish tote bag from Faithful to Nature, is made from a blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, and it’s also a proudly South African product, as it’s manufactured in Cape Town.

2. A Boodywear Gift Pack

Show you care with Boodywear. Our Boody gift packs make the perfect gift for your Eco-conscious friends and family, and they’ll definitely enjoy the silky comfort of organic bamboo clothing! Shop this online or all other Boody items at your nearest stockist.

3. An Eco-Approved Pamper Voucher From Earthwise

Treat your loved ones to a little TLC at the Organic Bliss Salon in Nelspruit. They can indulge with a clean conscience as they are pampered with Eco-friendly and organic beauty products.

4. Just Pure Skincare For Men

Why not spoil the special men in your life with a Just Pure Skin Care hamper? This fantastic skin care range is made from certified organic ingredients, which are sourced from sustainable wild harvests. Grab them at The Hermanus Just Pure Store, Weleda or on Faithful To Nature

More Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

Did you like our eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas? Leave us a comment below and let us know which idea you liked best. Also, feel free to share any environmentally-friendly gifts that you’d like to make others aware of.


Ethical Fashion: What It Is And Why It Matters


Worth over a trillion-dollars, the textile and garment industry is not only recognised as one of the largest industries in the world, but it’s also notorious for its human rights violations, unfair labour practices and environmental pollution.

Whether it’s forcing cotton farmers to use harmful pesticides, polluting rivers with toxic dyes or exploiting vulnerable women and children, the lack of moral integrity in this industry is alarming.

The Clothes We Wear Have A Story To Tell

Although most of us have heard stories about the abusive conditions, and appalling working environments in the sweat shops, very few of us stop to think about where our clothes come from and who makes them.

But with the South African clothing industry struggling to compete against imports from low-wage countries such as China, the Middle East and Southern Asia, the unfortunate reality is that the majority of our clothes are made by companies that place profit before principles.

In most cases, incredibly cheap bargains are sourced from clothing manufacturers that constantly violate human rights, and pay their hardworking labourers below the minimum wage.

We Unknowingly Support Unethical Fashion

What we don’t realise is that our purchasing decisions have the power to fuel a vicious cycle of exploitation and harm to the environment.

By buying from brands that import fast, cheap clothing, we are inadvertently supporting unethical fashion - as the demand for fast, cheap clothing increases, so does the production!

Ethical fashion, however, is an initiative which aims to break this cycle by making consumers more aware of how their fashion choices impact the lives of others, as well as the environment.

At its very core, ethical fashion embodies a set of values which prompt the consumer to act in a way that discourages harm to people and the planet.

How Can We Encourage Ethical Fashion?

As consumers, we often underestimate our power to make a change. But it’s our actions that influence retail decisions, and there are many actions we can take to encourage ethical fashion.

From purchasing our clothes from ethically aware brands to raising ethical fashion awareness, we can work together to transform the fashion industry. So let’s give fashion a face by daring to ask, ‘Who made my clothes?’

If you’re interested in finding out more about Boody and how we support ethical fashion, take a look at our manufacturing process. 


Founders Of Tree Natural Concept Speak About Healthy Living

As lovers and supporters of healthy living and all things natural, we are HUGE fans of Durban-based company, Tree Natural Concept.
So we’re sure you can imagine our excitement when the opportunity to interview the founders of Tree Natural Concept came our way! Especially considering the two have become quite well-known in the health and wellness circles.
But before we share what Brett Roux and Dominique Howard have to say about healthy living, we thought we’d give you a little introduction…

 The Brains Behind Tree Natural Concept

Recently engaged couple, Brett Roux and Dominique Howard started Tree Natural Concept from the ground up. Their wellness concept store consists of a holistic yoga studio, and a tree café that serves healthy and delicious meals.
As big animal-lovers, they enjoy spending time in the studio with their pampered pooches, while they stretch out in the variety of classes Tree offers.


Boody: What inspired you to start up Tree Natural Concept?

Brett Roux: In 2015 we were living in Cape Town, where Yoga and Health food was taking off. During my family visits to KZN I noticed there was nothing in Durban that matched what the Western Cape had. I had, for a long time, been very passionate about fitness and nutrition and wanted to move into the industry. Drawing some inspiration form the Australian model and approach to Wellness, we conceptualised Tree. We felt Durban and the fit and healthy locals would really benefit from a concept like Tree.

Boody: Can you tell us a bit more about your new Tree Shop?

Brett Roux: Tree Shop was actually never part of the original plans but we noticed the demand for clean and healthy produce and products from our customers so we adapted. In many ways it was a natural progression for Tree to move into the retail space. Our focus is high quality, organic (where possible) locally sourced and ethical products. Our offering ranges from fresh fruit and veg, organic dairy, coconut yogurts, fresh breads, yoga merchandise, vitamins, supplements, a fully stocked nut bar, cosmetics and superfoods. It’s an exciting space to move into and the response has been fantastic.

Boody: What made you focus on Yoga as a fitness practice at Tree and who do the classes cater for?

Brett Roux: Yoga is for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old, how strong or how supple you are. We have had great grandparents next to Sharks rugby players and big wave surfers in our classes. The mental and physical benefits are immense and are well documented by scientific journals. Our instructors are truly wonderful and the teaching they offer not only changes bodies and mental states, but overall quality of life.

Boody: What is your favourite Boody product and why is it your favourite?

Brett Roux: Dominique loves the Shaper Crop Bras and V-Neck tees. I really like the Boxers and T-shirts. Their comfort levels are second to none and make wearing other clothes quite difficult. I love the sustainability of the product too.

Boody: What advice would you give to Boody fans who are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle?

Brett Roux: Start Simple. Find want makes you happy to move and go from there and build on that. Fitness has a suffering stigma attached to it, but in truth it’s supposed to be fun. Connecting with your body and using your body is a privilege. Food wise my approach is similar, healthy and delicious are actually best friends. Learn about products that don’t sacrifice flavour, nourish yourself with fresh and healthly produce and remain being a foodie while eating wholesome foods. 

Boody: What health trends have you noticed lately?

Brett Roux: I don’t like the idea of trends, I like the idea of a sustainable lifestyle. With increased access to information people are becoming more educated, hence healthy products are becoming more popular. People are starting to understand that investing in your lifestyle and diet will actually save you down the line. We love educated and informed customers who share the same passion we do for healthy and natural living. So I guess if there is one trend I have noticed it’s that health is less about how lean you are or how big your muscles are, but more about longevity, respecting your body and enjoying the ride.


After reading this, we hope you realise just how fun healthy living can be, and we hope you’re as inspired as we are to stay in shape!
If you’re interested in getting in touch with Tree Natural Concept and would like to find out more about the classes they offer and where they are based, then you can call them on

031 561 1169.

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Can What You Wear Really Affect Your Health?

When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, the clothes you wear are probably not the first thing to come to mind – if they even come to mind at all!

But considering our skin is one of the body’s largest and fastest growing organs, surely we should give a little more thought to what we choose to cover it with?

After all, our skin looks after us by shielding us against things such as temperature extremes and harmful UV rays, so why can’t we return the favour and look after it?

Which Chemicals Are In Your Clothes?

The use of chemicals in textile production may be common knowledge, but exactly how many chemicals are used, and are any harmful to our health?

A recent study, conducted by Stockholm University researchers, tested numerous garments from Swedish and international clothing chains, and identified thousands of different chemicals remaining in the finished textile products.

Although many of the identified chemicals were harmless, more sinister substances, such as Formaldehyde, flame-retardants and perfluorinated chemicals were unearthed.

Whilst these chemicals help make our lives easier by offering us wrinkle-free or stain-resistant convenience, they also have the potential to affect our health.

What Goes On You Is What Goes In You

These hazardous chemicals, which are found in many synthetic fabrics, may not have any immediate impact on our wellbeing, but using these fabrics on a daily basis can do more damage than we think.

Take formaldehyde as an example: In 1987 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classified formaldehyde as a probable human carcinogen under conditions of prolonged exposure!

Think about it, your skin is not a closed-off system. Many medicines can be delivered through skin application and absorbed into your bloodstream.

So surely it makes sense to pay attention to what our skin comes into contact with? We certainly think so, and that’s why we proudly promote the use of organic clothing!

Our very own Boody bamboo collections are made with the skin-friendly and conscious consumer in mind. From growing the bamboo organically (EcoCert) which is completely pesticide free, to using vegetable based dyes, ensuring there are no nasty chemical residues rubbing off onto your skin.

But whatever your fashion preferences may be, we hope that after reading this, you are encouraged to choose clothing that is both good for you and the planet!

Take a look at our awesome range of organic Boody clothing which you can purchase online. 


Bamboo: The Miracle Plant That’s Saving The Planet

Whether it’s used in construction, cuisine, medicine, tool-making, music or clothing, bamboo has plenty to offer.
With its wide range of uses, and extremely versatile properties, it’s no surprise that many refer to it as the miracle plant.
What is surprising, however, is the fact that over centuries of use, it has attained little recognition for its extraordinary environmental benefits.
But, given the desperate state of our planet and the dire issues surrounding climate change, surely it’s high time to shine some spotlight on this eco-awesome grass species?
We certainly think it’s time to raise awareness about its environmental benefits. Don’t you? Take a look at the eco-advantages below to see how bamboo can help save the planet.

 3 Ways Bamboo Can Protect Our Planet

It Encourages Organic Agriculture

Although pesticides and insecticides help destroy harmful insects and fungi that are found on crops, they often end up polluting the surrounding environment with toxic chemicals.

Fortunately, with bamboo plantations, there is no need for pesticides and insecticides, thanks to the plant’s anti-bacterial properties.

It Helps Prevent Soil Erosion

With the increased demand for agricultural commodities, more and more forests and grasslands are being converted into farm fields.

And by planting crops, which fail to maintain the soil - such as coffee, cotton and wheat – farmers are inadvertently contributing towards soil erosion.

Certain crops, however, have the ability to prevent soil erosion. And bamboo is one of them! Its vast root network holds the soil tightly together and releases vital nutrients into the ground, thereby enriching the soil.

It Improves The Quality Of Our Air

Though most plants can convert carbon dioxide into clean, breathable oxygen, bamboo is able to do this much more effectively – the plant is able to produce 30% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees!

After reading this, we hope that you see bamboo as more than just food for pandas! The miracle plant is a solution that can help combat climate change, and by choosing bamboo products you are choosing a greener future!


4 Awesome Recycling Projects To Try At Home

You don’t have to forsake all material possessions and chain yourself to a tree to be an eco-warrior. It’s the little things you do in your everyday life that can make a big difference. Recycling, for instance, is a great way to reduce pollution and waste, and help keep our planet green and clean. Although many may think recycling stops at taking your plastic and paper to your local recycling centre, it isn’t the only way to be eco-savvy.
You can also recycle by finding new purposes for your waste. Making crafts, décor or jewellery out of your non-perishables, for example, can be a way to save money, help the planet, and have fun at the same time! But getting your creative ‘thinking cap’ on isn’t always easy. That’s why we thought we’d give you a little inspiration by sharing a few fun-tastic recycling projects.

Be Eco-Friendly And Eco-Awesome With These 4 Recycling Projects

1. Tin Can Lantern

All you need to glam up your tin cans, are a few basic tools and a bottle of spray paint! If you like the look of these tins, then this free printable template  will help you replicate the design.

2. Tyre Ottoman

Who ever thought a tyre could look this stylish? Talk about turning waste in to wonder!

3. Plastic Bottle Pencil Case

You don’t need a sewing machine to make this clever pencil case .A few bright and colourful zips, some scissors and a glue gun will do the trick!

4. Leather Belt Cuff Bracelets

Do you have a few old belts that don’t fit around your waist anymore? Instead of throwing them away, why not transform them in to trendy cuffs like these?

Have these recycling projects fired up your creative thinking, and encouraged you to be a bit more waste-wise? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to fill up our comment box with your awesome opinion!


4 Reasons Why Boody Is Ideal For Mastectomy Patients


Those who have undergone the intensive radiation treatment, as well as surgery, which often follows after a breast cancer diagnosis, will be familiar with the struggle to find clothing that is both flattering and nonabrasive.

Whether it’s during the radiation treatment or after the operation, mastectomy patients have to constantly battle against extreme discomfort - the act of simply putting a shirt on can be really painful!

 That’s why it’s important for breast cancer patients to find clothing with soft fibres that gently cling to the skin. And this is where Boody comes in.

Thanks to the unique properties of bamboo fibre, our clothing range is able to provide mastectomy patients with all the comfort they need, and much more than that!

Why Choose Bamboo?

  • 1) It Dries Quickly And It’s Breathable 
  • Bamboo fibre rapidly absorbs moisture, ensuring your skin remains dry and comfortable.

  • 2) It Contains Antimicrobial Properties
  • Harmful, disease-spreading microbes don’t stand a chance against the antimicrobial properties of bamboo. Test results from the Test Center of Antimicrobial Materials show that the antimicrobial activity in bamboo reached AAA grade.

  • 3) It Contains Health-Boosting Anions 
  • Chinese academics use the word ‘Air Vitamin’ to refer to bamboo fibre. This is because it contains anions (negatively charged atoms), which are very helpful for human health – anions have been known to help purify blood, improve allergic constitutions and assist with recovery.

  • 4)It’s Silky Soft
  • Bamboo fibres are exceptionally light and luxuriously soft.

    But what’s even more important than the unique health benefits that bamboo is able to offer, is the way that Boody makes you feel!

    Because Boodywear is designed to hug the body in all the right places, it works wonders when it comes to combating the loss of self-confidence that many mastectomy patients experience when confronted with their new and unfamiliar body shape.

    Whether it’s crop bras , tank tops , cami , scoop tops  or T-shirts , we are proud of the fact that our clothing is able to make a positive difference (however small it may be) to the brave warriors that fight against breast cancer.


    Celebrities That Are Saving The Planet

    4 Hollywood Celebrities That Are Saving The Planet


    Feature image: www.treehugger.com

    All too often we see people in positions of power, who fail to fully recognise and utilise their influence. Fame and fortune can easily inflate celebrities’ egos and lead them down paths of self-obsession and self-destruction. But when Hollywood’s heartthrobs choose to resist this temptation and use their fame and fortune to make a meaningful difference in the world, it is certainly the kind of act that is worth applause.

    Take A Look At These 4 Celebrities Who Aren’t Afraid To Take a Stand Against Climate Change

  • Cate Blanchett


    Image: www.vanityfair.com


    You may recognise this blonde haired beauty from ‘Lord of the Rings’ or the ‘Aviator’, but what you may not recognise is her active role in taking care of Mother Earth. As an artistic director of the Sydney Theatre Company, she has used her influence to install one of the world’s largest rainwater harvesting systems, on the roof of the Wharf, (which saves 3 million gallons of water each year) and has been active in fighting for the implementation of carbon tax in Australia with the ‘Say Yes’ advertising campaign.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio


     Image: www.hercampus.com

    If Leonardo’s Oscar acceptance speech about climate change didn’t convince you of his commitment to saving the planet, then perhaps the fact that he’s served on boards such as the World Wildlife Fund and the Natural Resources Defense will.  

  • Cameron Diaz

     Image: www.cnn.com

    This fun-loving actress may be known for her ditzy roles in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and ‘There’s Something About Mary’, but there’s nothing ditzy about her efforts to combat environmental issues! Her determination to raise awareness about ecology and conservation has lead her to create an MTV environmental documentary, and to participate in Al Gore’s climate change project program called ‘Save Our Selves’.

  • Brad Pitt

     Image: www.variety.com

     This Hollywood hero doesn’t waste time sitting around. Brad and his wife Angelina Jolie, are known for supporting many worthy causes, such as the ‘Make it Right’ foundation, which focuses on building eco-friendly and sustainable houses in New Orleans, and the Jolie-Pitt foundation, dedicated to protecting natural resources and conserving wildlife.

    These four are just a few of the celebrities that are saving the planet, and it is encouraging to know that more and more famous actors are waking up and realising their ability to make a change.

    Climate change is a threat facing all mankind. Whether we are rich or poor, famous or not, we all face the same fate, and so we all need to work together to save our precious planet!


    Turning Waste into Wonder

    Did you know that 2.12 billion tons of waste is dumped globally each year? We are simply consuming way more than we need, and our precious planet is suffering because of our greed. Waste treatment and disposal produces harmful greenhouse gases, such as methane, which contributes to 20% of the green house effect – one of the main reasons for climate change.

    If we carry on with these destructive habits, the earth’s resources will soon be depleted and it won’t be able to sustain us. Thankfully, more and more people around the world are starting to realise this, and are coming up with a number of ways to save our planet from its disastrous fate.

    One way to decrease the amount of methane released into the earth’s atmosphere is to recycle. We’d like to inspire you to get on board with recycling by sharing a few creative ways in which people have turned waste into wonder.

    Where Most See Waste, These People See Endless Creative Possibilities:

    The Landfill Harmonic orchestra in Paraguay:

    Feature image: myhero.com

    Favio Cháves is an environmental engineer with a background in music. While working on a waste recycling project, he came across kids who were playing in landfill sites because their parents (who were working in the waste industry) could not afford to send them to school. He soon got to know these kids and decided to help them by offering music lessons. The only issue was the expense of the instruments. Favio soon worked around this and used his skills to engineer string and wind instruments out of waste. Talk about resourcefulness!

    Water Bike Commute in China:


    Never has the saying ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’ been truer than with this amphibious bicycle! Li Weiguo, designer of this ingenious creation, decided to save his daughter, Li Jin, from paying expensive commuting fees by building her this bike. His design uses plastic water containers that act as pontoons, which keep the bike afloat and give it stability. What a useful way to recycle!


    Plastic Jewellery in Sweden

    Feature image: inhabitat.com

    Designer Kumvana Gomani, uses plastic bottles to craft her stunningly intricate jewellery. Kumvana ensures that all her products are manufactured according to strict ethical guidelines, which prevent environmental exploitation and the exploitation of local producers. Her passion for protecting the environment has lead her to empower designers and artists, in developing worlds, to support local economies through waste recycling.

    We love how these creative people are not only saving the planet by recycling waste, but are also inspiring others around them to join their movements! The fate of future generations lies in in our hands, so we encourage you to take action and join us in our movement to save the planet and in Boody’s case to #wearwhatsgood.


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