4 Eco-Friendly Ways To Warm Up This Winter

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Organic Fashion Eco Friendly Ways To Keep Warm in Winter

As the weather gets colder and winter begins to chill us to the very core, it’s tempting to turn up the heater and give in to those wasteful winter comforts that use up way more electricity than necessary.

But before we gobble up the earth’s precious resources and contribute to the excessively high greenhouse gas emissions, let’s first consider our options. There are many equally effective ways to keep cosy and warm that don’t harm the planet. So let’s take a look at our choices below:

Eco-Friendly Winter Tips To Beat The Cold

Opt For Thermo-Regulating Clothing

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When it comes to winter clothing, we don’t always give much thought to the type of fabrics we choose, as we naturally assume that thicker fabrics are more effective at keeping us warm. This, however, is not always true. Some fabrics, like bamboo, have special thermo-regulating properties which trap in heat and negate the need for thick, heavy fabric.

Reverse The Rotation Of Your Ceiling Fan

Eco Friendly Winter Tip

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With the flick of a switch you can change the direction in which your ceiling fan spins. Why do this? Well, normally fans spin anti-clockwise to push warm air upwards and away from the area you want to cool. But by reversing your ceiling fan’s rotation you can cause it to push warm air downwards and towards the area you want to heat up. And since fans use energy more efficiently, they’re a great alternative to heaters.

Let Your House Soak Up Some Sun

Eco Friendly Winter Tip

Image: www.thestar.com

If you’ve ever left your curtains or blinds closed during the day, only to be greeted by an unusually cold chill in the evening, then you’ll know that something as simple as letting a little sunlight in can make a big difference to your home’s temperature.

Don’t Let The Warm Air Escape

Eco Friendly Winter Tips

Image: www.media.safebee.com

It’s a good idea to inspect your home for any air leaks that may be thwarting your efforts to stay warm. Draughts of cold air can easily creep in under doors or through tiny gaps in your window. So be sure to seal up all the gaps before you resort to any energy demanding heating devices.

Do you have any eco-friendly winter warm up tips that you’d like to share? As always, we’d love to hear from you. So feel free to leave us comment in the box below!

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